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Prive 2


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Green Emerald - Impression of Mousse de Chene 30


Description Green Emerald is a dark and deep composition and an ultimate treat for Oak moss Lovers. It starts with a strong Fresh, Green aroma of Oak moss and Patchouli supported by spicy notes of Pink Pepper & Cinnamon that covers you with an elegance that is reassuring yet surprising. Green Emerald is our impression of Le Labo Mousse De...

Magnificent Santal - Impression of Richwood Magnificent Santal - Impression of Richwood

Magnificent Santal - Impression of Richwood

Rs.6,000.00 Rs.4,200.00

Description Magnificent Santal plays on sandalwood from; quite possibly the most excellent and uncommon fixings in perfumery. It begins with citrus and fruity notes and enters into the heart with a pleasing rose. Patchouli and vanilla touch musk at the base and bring rich naturalness. The wild woods keep on unwinding on the skin. Magnificent Santal is our impression of...

Greenfields - Impression of Meydan


Description Greenfields is an oriental fragrance inspired by the nobility of the Arabian stallion. The beginning of this exhilarating fragrance is a symphony of grapefruit, apple, artemisia, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, lavender and bergamot; followed by the middle notes of tobacco, cedar, labdanum, jasmine and romantic undertones of leather, oud, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, amber and vetiver at the base....

Spades No.1 - Impression of No.1 Spades No.1 - Impression of No.1

Spades No.1 - Impression of No.1

Rs.6,000.00 Rs.4,200.00

Description Spades No.1 begins with strongly green homegrown notes of cardamom, lime, grapefruit and mandarin. Mandarin-touched florals, rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang glide on the second layer of the rich heart. The sweet-smelling newness, helped by sandalwood and musk, endure into the dry down. Spades No.1 our impression of Clive Christian No.1. Gender: Men Season: All seasons Occasion: Casual, Formal Notes Lime,...

Invincible Prive - Impression of Aventus


Description Invincible Prive has a fruity and smoky opening. It is invigorating yet develops. The pineapple's light touch, bergamot, and apple notes are easily stroked by birch tar in the frontal area. In the heart, jasmine and rose accord animates the flowery air of this work of art. As it dries down, the base notes of golden oakmoss, vanilla, and...

Flames of Comfort - Impression of By the Fireplace


Description Flames of Comfort is a warm and soothing fragrance that begins with hot pepper and cloves. Notes of chestnut, juniper and smoky guaiac wood make the heart unique. The base has balsam, vanilla and cashmere that will move you directly to the mountains of the Chamonix. Flames of Comfort is our impression of By the Maison Margiela Fireplace. Gender:...

Luxe Trap - Impression of Le Labo Another 13


Description Luxe Trap is a pure divine bottled as a luxury. The prominent notes of musk, pear and Iso Super E keep you delighted and confident all day. Luxe Trap is our inspired expression Le Labo Another 13. Gender: Unisex Season: All Seasons Occasion: All Notes: Iso E Super, Ambergris, Musk, Ambrette, Amyl Salicylate, Pear Fragrance Profile: Musky, Amber, Woody,...

Wild Oud – Impression Of Le Labo Oud 27


Description Wild opens with the agarwood (oud) in an unusual way. The scent has many twists and turns at the heart and the base, in the presence of cedar, patchouli, pepper, and animalic notes. Wild Oud is our inspired expression of Le Labo Oud 27. Gender: Unisex Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: All Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Ambergris, Saffron, Virginia Cedar, Aldehydes, Musk,...

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