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Prive 2


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Glow - Inspiration Of Boadicea Aurica


Description Glow is a perfect weekend partner, shines with prominent pineapple note in the beginning and moves towards floral heart, possessing enchanting marigold and rose. Cambodian oud takes the lead onwards and settles on the base having prominent notes of vanilla, musk, vetiver and sandalwood. Glow is our inspired expression of Boadicea Aurica. Gender: Unisex Season: All Occasion: All Notes...

Vetiver View - Impression Of Le Labo Vetiver 46


Description Vetiver View is a dark and deep composition and an ultimate treat for the vetiver lovers. The most dominant note of vetiver is surrounded by pepper, labdanum, guaiac and cedar wood takes you to a wicked journey from the peppery opening till the woody base Vetiver View is an inspired expression of Le Labo Vetiver 46. Gender: Unisex Season:...

Campfire Extreme - Quality Perfume - Impression of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Safari Extreme


Top Quality Perfume For Men Description Campfire Extreme is an extreme opulence for fragrance lovers. Top quality perfume for men Opening floral notes lead you to the vanilla heart. Woody and spicy base notes develop a perfect campfire joy in the dry-down. Campfire Extreme is our inspired expression of Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Safari Extreme. Gender: Men Season: All Seasons...

Casanova Prive - Impression of Nasomatto Pardon


Description Casanova Prive opens like all botanicals and has a thick, opaque chocolate, oud and tonka bean fragrance at the heart. It is bound by sandalwood at the base wrapped with agarwood. It's warm and hot with a sweet undertone. Casanova, Prive is our impression of Nasomatto Pardon. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter, Spring Occasion: Formal Notes Magnolia, Dark Chocolate,...

Majestic Oud - Impression of Oud Royal


Description Majestic oud is mysterious and reveals the most dominant note of oud since the beginning. Further, mystical and arousing incense with the hints of sandalwood gets along in the journey at heart. It has a trademark woody note at the base, on the palette of saffron and amber making it smoky and complements the whole character. Majestic Oud is...

Incense Desire - Impression of Carbon Sapphire


Description Incense Desire begins with an excellent mix of sweet Bulgarian rose and saffron which are joined by jasmine in a while. The oud and cypriol start showing up in the heart, and in the late dry-down, the fragrance gets woodier and more appealing. Incense Desire is our impression of Boadicea Carbon Sapphire. Gender: Unisex Season: Summer, Spring Occasion: All...

Victorious - Impression of Zafar Victorious - Impression of Zafar

Victorious - Impression of Zafar

Rs.6,000.00 Rs.4,200.00

Description Victorious is nothing less than a surprise for oud lovers. The opening is sweet and peppery, has rose and green apple notes. Oud starts leading from the heart and escorts woody and floral notes along with the musk to the base. Victorious is our inspired expression of Xerjoff Zafar. Gender: Unisex Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: Casual, Special Notes Agarwood...

Dose of Love - Impression of Lira


Description Dose of Love opens with the blossom of lavender delicately encircling the citrus mix. The solid appeal of this aroma is uncovered by refined jasmine in the heart, mixed with inebriating vanilla and a musky love elixir. It gets done with the exquisite and oriental caramel flavours in an appealing dry down. Dose of Love is our impression of...

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