Xerjoff Perfume in Pakistan

The Appeal

Xerjoff’s appeal doesn’t lie in mainstream avenues. Rather, it has developed its identity as a niche brand. Not only that, but with alluring and robust fragrances, it has garnered a loyal fan base. So, what makes Xerjoff special? Well, for starters, it doesn’t offer an aroma, but a personality. Wearing this scent allows one to ooze elegance and class. Making you stand out in any room you enter....

Opened in 2007, this luxury brand crafted its own identity. That is, it delved deep into a particular niche. Once it recognized that, it began developing its scent. This concentration of a single arena helped tremendously. It was able to gather all its resources into a single point. Then, they began embellishing its products. The master craftspeople in their company pushed the extent of their skills. The results were high-quality, robust scents. Furthermore, a lot of care went into the packaging of these fragrances. Thus, making them exquisite inside out

Xerjoff In Pakistan

As a consequence of the eloquence of these perfumes, they’re quite expensive. This is a combination of multiple factors. The rare set of skills Xerjoff’s perfumers possess makes their products special. The scarcity and rarity of the ingredients used to concoct these perfumes.

Furthermore, the casing of these scents is by no means cheap. Thus, the whole package costs a substantial amount. These perfumes range from PKR 40,000 to PKR 2,50,0000.

Rawaha’s Mission

This means that many people in Pakistan may never get to experience these scents. With its rapidly growing popularity, it’s a shame that scent enthusiasts in Pakistan would be left behind. In light of this, Rawaha stepped forth.

Our mission is to make aromas accessible to all. We create high-quality and honest impressions of various scents. Not only are these impressions honest to the original, but they’re affordable too. Now, Pakistanis can indulge to their heart’s content in these fragrances. That too without breaking the bank.

The Options

Xerjoff Naxos: Many companies venture into niche markets to try their hand. However, most of them never make the cut. The impressive few reside along the fringes. Yet, it’s the rare brand that immediately marks its arrival. That is exactly what Naxos did for Xerjoff.

This sweet, floral, and citrussy scent emerged out of nowhere and captivated all. It put the high brand on the map. The opening of Jasmine Sambac and Bergamot announces its presence. Simultaneously, hints of lavender add depth and nuance to the fragrance. Subsequently, the sweetness is amplified with honey and cashmeran in the heart notes. The enchanting journey ends with a woody base. However, hints of tobacco and vanilla give a whimsy to this scent, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Our Impression: Realizing the mammoth task that lay ahead of us, we knew nothing but our best would suffice. That’s why our master perfumers gave it their all with this one. The result was a resounding success. Sweet Affairs 1861 - our impression - struck a chord in our customers’ hearts. The cherry on top, they’re available at PKR 5,000 on Rawaha’s site. Grab yours today.

Xerjoff Alexandria II: Much like the fabled city of Alexandria, this fragrance holds a lot of secrets. However, what’s not discreet is its emphatic aroma. Alexandria II is one of the best-selling perfumes of the brand. Many refer to it as the “Rich Perfume” due to its opulent aesthetic.

The opening notes of rose and saffron bring a wave of fresh air into any surroundings. Moreover, their pleasant aroma helps relax the nerves. Then, the use of patchouli and cedar spice things up. Wonderfully contrasting the previous notes. Also, keeping people in wonder. Lastly, the arrival of the vetiver marks the end of the wonderful journey. This adds structure and texture to the perfume. Making it one of the most special scents out there.

Our Impression: Warrior II - Rawah’s Impression - was named aptly. This scent’s regal and strong. Whilst being gentle and refreshing. A rare combination to think of. Even rarer to successfully pull it off. That is exactly what our personnel did with this one. All the while ensuring they’re affordable at PKR 4,000.

Xerjoff Accento: There are scents that become synonymous with the brand. Channel and its No. 5. Tom Ford and Cherry Bomb. Xerjoff and Accento. This eloquent scent packs a powerful punch. However, it’s subtle enough to not overwhelm others. But, gently put them in a hypnotic trance.

The enchantment begins with pineapple and hyacinth. The unusual combination works effortlessly well. Seamless mixing two distinct aromas into one. Then, the heart notes of pink pepper, iris, and jasmine play their dance. An intricate symphony of aromas that’s hard to explain. Finally, the journey ends with musk, amber, patchouli, vetiver, and vanilla. Each shining at different times of the dry-down. Making it something truly unique.

Our Impression: The sheer elegance of this scent has awed people for years. Each note plays to its distinct rhythm. That’s why our impression was aptly named Rhythm. Hop onto our site to enjoy this at a reasonable rate of PKR 5,000.

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, Xerjoff perfumes are a force unto itself. They have found their identity in a specific niche. Their journey is far from over. So is Rawaha’s. That’s why we’ll keep an eye out for any future releases. Eager to make honest impressions of theirs too.


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