Le Labo Perfume in Pakistan

The Appeal

Today, the perfume industry enjoys more popularity than it ever has. There are more scent-enthusiast today than there ever have been. Yet, it’s incredibly difficult for start-ups to find their ground. The fragrance market is dominated by high-end brands....

This becomes truly apparent when talking about luxurious perfumes. Fashion titans such as Gucci, Chanel, Dior, etc. take up a significant market. With loyal customers and endless resources to spend, it’s hard to enter the market. Hence, finding mainstream success becomes almost impossible - almost.

Le Labo was founded in 2006 in New York by a dynamic duo. They have come to embody the niche markets. Instead of challenging the juggernauts of the industry they made their own way. Today, Le Labo is a household name. Their luxurious perfumes carry a unique essence. One of minimalist robustness.

Lavishing Le Labo

The key to their success was not chasing after success. Many before them had entered the market and made a fatal mistake. That is to blend scents that were popular and in demand. However, this mistake cost all of them dearly eventually.

On the other hand, Le Labo has never considered monetary success as their primary goal. Rather they deem it a by-product. Instead, they chase after the aroma of the perfect fragrance.

Though this may seem risky, it’s the only way that small enterprises can work their way up the ladder. By crafting scents that are completely new and refreshing. Once the focus turns towards excellence, the results are bound to follow.

That is exactly what they did and the outcome is there for everyone to see. They spare no expense to ensure their perfumes come as close to perfection as they can. As a result, it has garnered a strong and loyal following over the years.

Le Labo In Pakistan

In their bid to make sure their scents are the best, they acquire rare ingredients. This practice is by no means easy or cheap. Combine the paucity of these elements along with their craftsmanship.

Certainly, composing new fragrances that are effective and robust is no small task. It takes years of knowledge and experience to reach that point. That’s why their luxurious perfumes are expensive. Their price starts from PKR 30,000 and reaches up to PKR 3,00,0000.

Additionally, the exchange rate of Pakistan makes the prospect even gloomier. Thus, it becomes borderline impossible for Pakistanis to enjoy their distinct aroma. However, with Rawaha on the scene, they can realize their dreams. We make high quality impressions at affordable rates. Hence, people here can afford to indulge to their heart’s content in the flurry of these aromas.

The Options

Le Labo Santal 33: All brands need that one fragrance to announce their arrival. For Chanel, it was No. 5. Le Labo Santal 33 did it for them. This exotic scent was dynamic and robust. Demanding people pay attention to it and its blenders.

This remarkable concoction opens with an unusual combination of cedarwood and violet. The fresh floral opening serves as a breath of fresh air in any environment. Then, the heart notes of iris kick in. They are subtly complemented by the presence of sandalwood.

Finally, the olfactory adventure ends with cedarwood. Its emergence adds structure and depth to the scent. Ensuring that it remains ingrained within everyone who experienced it.

Our Impression: Rawaha’s impression, Santal Desire, goes all in its search for the essence of the original. Though hard, our craftspeople find the core of what made this fragrance special. Thus, our concoction is true to the original and affordable at a reasonable price of PKR 1,050.

Le Labo Vetiver 46: Many brands are wary of vetiver as an ingredient. Its robust and powerful aesthetic may be too strong for some. Additionally, it’s incredibly expensive. Especially the vetiver from Haiti that’s dubbed as the highest quality available. However, instead of being too careful, this brand doubled down on it.

The dark and profound fragrance has the presence of vetiver throughout its notes. Couple that with the spicy opening, and you capture the attention of everyone around you. The arrival of vanilla ensures that the aroma isn’t too overwhelming. Finally ending at a woody base. Ensuring that it remains unforgettable.

Our Impression: Vetiver View - Rawaha’s impression - follows the path of its original. We knew any halfheartedness on our part will result in failure. That’s why we approached this impression unabashedly. The result is an honest impression that does justice to the original. It’s accessible to all at a nominal rate of PKR 1,050.

Le Labo Patchouli 24: Keeping in line with its affinity for the unusual, it introduced Patchouli 24. Though it’s common in an Arab perfume, Western markets prefer not to use patchouli in abundance. However, creating unique experiences is what the brand’s known for. That’s why, they released a patchouli-laden fragrance that surprised many with its success.

The scent opens with patchouli to let everyone know what it's about. This initial burst is wonderfully complemented by the oriental heart notes. They add a whimsy and freshness. This contrast with its predecessor keeps you guessing. Then, the arrival of vanilla at the base gives it a creamy conclusion.

Our Impression: Patchouli Woods is our impression of the dynamic original. Our blender’s knew the fine line they needed to tread with this unisex perfume. Yet, they did masterfully and with grace. Now, you can enjoy the enigmatic original aroma at an affordable rate of PKR 875.

The Conclusion

At the end of the day, there’s no denying Le Labo’s success. They have diversified their ideology into other markets. A Google search of Le Labo perfume oil review will give you all you need to know. Rawaha has worked to make these scents available to a wider audience. Our impressions are affordable and true to the original.


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