The Spirit Of Dubai Perfume in Pakistan

The Appeal

There are luxurious perfumes, then there are Spirit of Dubai luxurious scents. The latter stands out for a multitude of reasons. However, the reason for its growing popularity boils down to one specific aspect. That is its ability to embody the identity of the city of its inception - Dubai. It captures all the grandeur, elegance, and opulence of the city. Making a Dubai perfume one to look out for....

Furthermore, it delves into the roots of the city. It embraces its cultural heritage and diversity. Consequently, it has awed customers everywhere. Both domestically and internationally. It has put the UAE perfumery industry on the map. Additionally, it doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. With its expansion policy, more people have access to their scents than ever before.

Spirit Of Dubai Price In Pakistan

Labeled as the best perfumes in Dubai, it’s no surprise they’re expensive. Factor in their luxurious disposition, understanding their high prices. Though they have aimed to make their fragrances more accessible to international customers, there’s a catch. Accessibility doesn’t always translate to purchasability. That’s a fact that Pakistani scent-enthusiasts are all too familiar with.

Due to the poor exchange rate. Additionally, with the high prices of these luxurious scents, they are left wanting. These scents go as high as PKR 30 crores. An amount too staggering to comprehend. Let alone act upon. That’s why Rawaha realizes the immense responsibility it bears. It’s a bridge between luxurious perfumes and scent enthusiasts in Pakistan. We make an honest and affordable impression of various fragrances. Thus, everyone can enjoy their exquisite aroma.

The Options

Turath - The Spirit Of Dubai: No scent exemplifies Spirit of Dubai’s identity more than the Turath. It captures the essence of Middle Eastern culture and traditions. The aroma of the perfume emanates from the region’s landscape and history. Thus, mirroring the journey the city has undertaken over the years.

The scent opens with a fruity-floral combination. The use of saffron, orange, and raspberry. This injects a burst of freshness into the room. Hence, capturing the attention of everyone in the space it occupies. Then, the middle notes of rose, jasmine, patchouli, add a layer of profoundness to the scent. This nuanced texture adds complexity and depth to this intricate scent. Then, the journey ends with oud, amber, and musk notes that leave a lasting and memorable trail. Making it a perfume impossible to forget.

Our Impression: Normally, Rawaha’s aware of the responsibility it carries. However, the burden of it becomes heavy when it comes to scents like Turath. As it represents an entire culture. That’s why, our impression, Mythic Journey, needed to check off multiple points to be successful. That’s exactly what our master perfumers were able to pull off. Moreover, it’s available at an affordable rate of PKR 7,000.

Meydan - The Spirit Of Dubai: This fragrance achieves something that’s not just rare, but borderline impossible. It embodies the vastness and openness of a wide field. It’s able to capture an aesthetic that’s not only difficult to replicate but to explain in words. Rather, it’s a stimulus that’s only felt to be understood. Moreover, it carries itself with a nobility that’s reminiscent of the Arabian Stallion. Hence, the combination of these two aesthetics makes it a perfume unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

This enigmatic perfume opens with grapefruit, apple, artemisia, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, lavender and bergamot. The intricate symphony of these notes puts a trance on all who experience it. Before that sensation subsides, the middle notes of tobacco, cedar, labdanum, and jasmine kick in. These add a touch of complexity and texture that elevates the fragrance to new heights. Finally, the sacred adventure ends with leather, oud, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, amber and vetiver. These deep notes give character and depth to perfume. Thus, carving out its own space in the world of perfumery.

Our Impression: Knowing the mountain we had to climb, Rawaha’s craftspeople knew their objective. They dug deep and unearthed the extent of their skills to concoct an impression true to the original. Greenfields helps carry the essence of the original to a wider audience. Their reasonable rate of PKR 6,000 helps everyone have access.

Dubai Oud - The Spirit Of Dubai: The Middle East offers a lot. The perfume industry can attest to their contribution. That is through their use of oud. An ingredient originating from the Middle East. Many brands use it sparingly due to its rarity and potency. However, the Oud perfume of Dubai subverts expectations. It doubles down on this exotic ingredient.

The opening notes of pineapple, lime, saffron and pine breathes life into any atmosphere. Thus, announcing its arrival. Then, the floral ingredients of the middle notes appear. These exemplify the oriental aesthetic the scent carries. Subsequently, the base note concludes this intoxicating trip. The arrival of oud, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver and musk, while patchouli, ambergris and vanilla mark its end. They add layers of complexity and robustness. Cementing its place as the best Arab perfume of today.

Our Impression: Our impression - Burj Al Oud - lives up to the sky-high expectations. It imitates the uniqueness of the original. Whilst adding our own spin to this eloquent scent. All the while, ensuring its accessibility to all. It’s available at a nominal rate of PKR 6,000.

The Conclusion

All in all, the Spirit of Dubai has announced its arrival on the global platform. Its extravagant perfumes have garnered fame globally. Rawaha intends to keep a keen eye on its progress. Aiming to make impressions of its new releases. Hop on to our website to browse through our existing collection.


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