Chanel Perfume In Pakistan

The Appeal

Today, many people know Chanel to be a high-end French fashion empire started by Coco Chanel back in 1921. To those aware, it was initially just a project by the daughter of a laundry woman. However, her tenacity and passion propelled her ambition to bring about a new age of the modern woman. To that end, she dabbled in many spheres of the fashion line and in the process revolutionized the perfume industry by creating a Chanel perfume for women....

Chanel’s Revolution

In her bid for her first scent to be “A women’s fragrance that smells like women”, she hired Ernest Beaux. Together, they blended the first abstract fragrance that turned 80 ingredients into an intricate, multi-layered scent.

Chanel No. 5 is its very first perfume and achieved legendary status by being labeled a timeless classic. Even after 100 years of its release, it’s regularly included in the Top 5 best-selling fragrances.

In an industry that’s all about recency and the “new thing”, sustaining success for 100 years is no small feat.

Though it has produced numerous classics since, the sheer enormity of the No. 5’s success has made it the best perfume of Chanel. With scents aimed to embody the free spirit and the increasing role of women in society. Its fragrance line filled with bottles containing dynamic, ethereal aromas are equal parts enchanting and enticing.

Chanel In Pakistan

Since Chanel is a luxury brand, its products don’t come cheap. Take into account the exchange rate and Chanel perfume prices in Pakistan are soaring to ever-increasing heights. That’s why, it has made enjoying its unique extravagance improbable.

However, with Rawaha, you can now enjoy the enigmatic scents of the luxury brand at affordable rates. Our master perfumers understand the essence of what makes the high-end brand a luxury. Moreover, they capture the exquisite aroma of the fashion juggernaut and make it accessible to a wide audience. Let’s take a look at a few options for you to choose from.

The Options

Chanel No. 5: It’s difficult to call yourself a scent impressionist and not have a go at No. 5. Inarguably the world’s most famous scent, it’s the bedrock on top of which an entire empire stands. Hence, creating an impression is not just a requirement but an unspoken test. Failure to replicate the spirit of this fragrance is a glaring sign that a perfumer isn’t ready yet.

That’s why, our master craftsmen concentrated all their resources into making an elegant, fresh blend to prove their skill. The result was a resounding success as they produced an airy, whimsical redolence that entrapped everyone’s imagination.

Coco Chanel Mademoiselle: Furthermore, another of Chanel’s many highly successful scents is its Mademoiselle. To put into perspective the size of its success, for a while, it even outsold No. 5. Not many fragrances released over the past century can claim to have achieved that milestone.

However, what’s interesting about this comparison is that both further stand on opposite ends of the olfactory spectrum. Whilst No. 5 is soothingly fresh and flowery, Mademoiselle is spicy and oriental. Keeping that in perspective, we created Señorita - an impression of the classic. More precisely, it encapsulates the spicy bewitchment of the original with an honest and true interpretation.

Chanel Chance Perfume: Known for taking leaps,the French fashion behemoth deemed as eccentric at the time of its rise. In line with this principle, they blended the aroma of Chance. It’s filled with a youthful combination of floral and spicy ingredients to give it that extra oomph. Consequently, it compels you to take a risk by donning a simplistic yet peculiar redolence that makes you stand out.

Moreover, the virtuosos present at Rawaha took on this uphill task with vigor and excitement. Challenging themselves to interpret aromas with global fame may be daunting to many but exciting to use. Essentially, we capture its quintessential brilliance whilst doing justice to the original’s exoticism making it the best Chanel Chance perfume impression.

The Conclusion

Previously, it would be common for people to Google “Chanel price Pakistan” and forget about purchasing an expensive scent. However, with Rawaha’s arrival, you can now indulge your senses to the delightful whimsy of Chanel aromas at affordable prices. Hop onto our website today and pick your poison.


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