Tom Ford Perfume In Pakistan

The Appeal

It’s incredibly difficult for new players to enter the perfume industry. The presence of existing giants makes life difficult. Moreover, it’s even harder to stay relevant. With the bigger brand releasing scents regularly, competing becomes tough. However, every once in a while, a new entity enters the market. One which immediately makes a name for itself. It achieves this through the unique aroma of its perfumes. That’s exactly what Tom Ford brought to the table. ...

The Genius Of Tom Ford

Then, the normal question to ask is this. “What makes Tom Ford special?” Is it the unique aromas? The distinct bottle of the luxury perfume? The luxurious vibe it exudes? The answer: all of these factors. In truth, all of these aspects come together to make Tom Ford perfume for men truly special.

It was able to stand out from the crowd through a single trick. That is to double down peculiar scents. This includes the dark, robust Cherry Smoke - a Tom Ford male perfume. Regarded by many as the best perfume in the world, it holds a special place. Additionally, scents like Black Orchid and Tuscan Leather only boosted its appeal. Thus, making Tom Ford a name to watch out for. Over the years, it has cemented its place. Today, it enjoys global success with each release. The high-end luxury brand has become a dominant force.

Tom Ford In Pakistan

The downside of enjoying unique scents is their unavailability. Not only niche fragrances, but famous ones can sometimes be difficult to get. Moreover, the exchange rate makes buying a scent difficult. Thus, the price that you end up paying is incredibly expensive. Hence, making the process of acquiring these fragrances a distant dream. However, they can now turn into reality.

Rawaha’s arrival was fueled by two aspects. Firstly, to blend distinct scents for people to enjoy. Secondly, to make them affordable for everyone to enjoy. With that in mind, we went about our business. When it comes to Tom Ford, the story doesn’t differ. Therefore, enjoying a Tom Ford perfume in Pakistan today is a reality.

Let’s take a look at a few options for you to consider.

The Options

Black Orchid: The high-end brand is known for playing with peculiar scents. The Tom Ford Black Orchid cologne is no exception. The fruity, spicy scent instantly captures the attention of everyone. The mix of ingredients creates a unique aroma. Hence, making you the center of attraction wherever you go.

The journey begins with a complex and lively burst. The fusion of orange and bergamot makes for a hypnotic start. Then, the fragrance begins to wear down. Therefore, revealing the floral heart of jasmine, orchid and ylang-ylang. Finally, the subtle incense and chocolaty base concludes the trip. The base leaves a lasting impression on all who experience it.

Our Impression

Fluer Noir - Rawaha’s impression - does justice to the dynamic original. It captures the spirit of the fragrance by going deep within. Moreover, the affordable rates of these scents allow everyone access. Thus, making it a special perfume.

Tuscan Leather: One of most famous scents today, Tuscan Leather has become a household name. The deep smoky scent has awed people for years. The dark opening immediately sets the mood of what’s to follow. Yet, the heart notes of olibanum and jasmine lighten the aroma significantly. Finally, the leathery base notes sum up the alluring perfume. Hence, making Tom Ford Tuscan Leather a scent to remember.

Our Impression

Replicating the magic of the original was no easy task. It took the master blenders at Rawaha time to come up with the perfect solution. Thus, the Roman Leather Regular came to be. It contains everything that made the actual scent famous. However, this one can be easily afforded.

Tobacco Oud: Bathe in the sizzling heat of Tom Ford Tobacco Oud. This dry, smoky fragrance will have people looking in amazement. Instead of toning down its heat, it amplifies it. Thus, making it a powerful perfume. The unusual structure of this scent is evident with its opening note of bourbon play. Next, the fusion of cinnamon and coriander on top of incense adds to its uniqueness. Finally, the woody base with touch of cedar and oud ends this magical journey. All in all, making it a dynamic and wearable scent.

Our Impression

Our master blenders faced this impossible task. To create an impression that doesn’t feel false. Moreover, it needed an interpretation true to its spirit. Thus, Rawaha released Tabac Lounge Regular. Our impression of the original masterpiece. It inhibits every quality that brought the initial perfume to fame.

The Conclusion

Summing it up, Tom Ford is a giant in the perfume industry. With each release, it has solidified its place. Therefore, providing Pakistanis with the distinct fragrances was important. Now, they can enjoy the peculiar aromas at affordable rates through Rawaha’s impressions.


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