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154 Desires - Impression of 154 Cologne


Description 154 Desires opens with bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin. The fragrance further prompts in the heart carrying nutmeg and lavender. The vetiver and patchouli leaves add a warm woodiness at the base. It is a wonderful antiquated aroma; natural, woody, and zesty, with a trace of shaving foam accord. 154 Desires is our impression of 154 Cologne by Jo Malone....

Ace of Heart - Impression of Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait


Description Ace of Heart is best depicted as a candy-coated botanical, with tones of Jasmine and Saffron in the beginning. The heart has the notes of amber wood and ambergris. The base has fir resin with cedar to mesmerise. Ace of Heart is our impression of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540 Extrait. Gender: Unisex Season: All Seasons Occasion: Formal...

Ace of Spades - Impression of X for Men - Perfume For Men


  Long Lasting Perfume For Men Description Ace of Spades is long lasting perfume for men. It opens with the notes of rhubarb, pineapple and an evergreen bergamot. The heart is floral with the touch of paprika. The real players of the whole league shows at the base including cedar, cinnamon vetiver and oak moss, and make the profile of...

Acute Vanilla - Impression of Intense Café


Description Acute Vanilla is a twist of espresso bean. The flowery opening meets coffee beans sprinkled on rose, at heart. Later, vanillic white musk arises, with simply a trace of cream and sugar at the base. A rich and nutty presence is enough to transport you to the cafe down the street. Acute Vanilla is our impression of Montale Intense...

Adorable Love - Impression of J'adore


Description Adorable Love is a radiant scent. Its rich and brilliant opening has the fruity notes including melon, pear, peach, bergamot and mandarin. The heart is a complete bouquet of sweet flowers including jasmine, freesia, rose, lily, orchid and violet. Musk, vanilla, cedar and blackberry further enhances the elegant aroma at the base. Adorable Love is our impression of Dior...

Agarwood Extreme - Impression of Oud Wood , Regular


Description Agarwood Extreme begins with a fruity and musky impact followed by metallic notes. Everything about this scent emanates spotless and new. Bergamot and orange structure, a nice standard opening pair is risen above by a green tea note which starts to lead the pack spot in the heart dunked in the dark currant. Agarwood Extreme is our impression of...

Agarwood Extreme Intense - Impression of Oud Wood Intense


Description Agarwood Extreme Intense is upheld by an appearance of agarwood with the hint of cypress in the beginning. Light and breezy juniper in the heart expands to some florals later. A wet, woody accord has ginger at the base generally utilized in creating oud aromas, giving an impression of oud. Agarwood Extreme Intense is our impression of Tom Ford...

Agarwood Extreme, Top - Impression of Oud Wood


Description Agarwood Extreme Top opens up with a wet woody accord broadly utilized in planner oud aromas to give a woody oud impression. This agreement rapidly leaves the stage for rich sandalwood upheld by a trace of cardamom and vanilla. Light and breezy opening later presents incredibly lovely vanilla and waits as dim tonka bean and glossy golden. Agarwood Extreme...

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