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Black Mist - Impression of Black Afgano


Description Black Mist opens with an enormous impact of cannabis and green notes. The tacky greenness goes on for hours before fragrant woody notes and pitches join it in the heart. A zesty incense, nearly with a sweet and smoky accord, floats a profound mix of espresso and tobacco. Black Mist is our impression of Nasamatto Black Afgano. Gender: Unisex...

Forbidden Ink - Impression of Pure XS


Description Forbidden Ink opens with vanilla and a touch of spice and a layer of citrus. After a few minutes, the cinnamon rears up and makes this smell heavenly. As you enter the dry-down the myrrh, balsamic become more prominent. With the presence of vanilla, balsamic adds a very delicate note underneath the rest of the notes. Forbidden Ink is...

Tabac Lounge Regular - Impression of Tobacco Oud


Description Tabac Lounge Regular is a dry, smoky, and hot aroma. It's direct with little advances and opens with a bourbon note. In the heart, deep simmered flavors and an inconspicuous mix of cinnamon and coriander lies over a very dry incense. It dries down to enduring woody notes with a whiff of oud and cedar. This makes it an...

Dark Hypnosis, Top - Impression of Black Opium


Description This is a seductively intoxicating fragrance. The initial notes are pear, orange blossom and pink pepper. The heart has adrenaline-rich espresso and the jasmine layered with bitter almond. At base, the sweet sexiness of vanilla, leans back and talks for hours with patchouli, cedar and cashmere wood. Dark Hypnosis, Top is our impression of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium....

Robust Musc - Impression of Musc Ravageur Robust Musc - Impression of Musc Ravageur

Robust Musc - Impression of Musc Ravageur

Rs.5,000.00 Rs.3,500.00

Description Robust Musc is a warm spicy and musky scent opens with the sweet lavender, tangerine and bergamot. The spicy heart has cinnamon and cloves in it. Further, dry-down gets ambery with the hints of woody notes at the base. Robust Musc is our inspired expression of Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. Gender: Unisex Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: Formal Notes Lavender,...

Sparkling Diamond - Impression of Bright Crystal Sparkling Diamond - Impression of Bright Crystal

Sparkling Diamond - Impression of Bright Crystal

Rs.2,600.00 Rs.1,820.00

Description Sparkling Diamond opens with the well-known fruity notes of pomegranate and Yuzu along with aquatic accord. Peony and magnolia are in the focal point of the organization, while watery lotus directs the power and pleasantness of the aroma towards base. The lavish base presents golden note, musk and redwoods. Sparkling Diamond is our impression of Versace Bright Crystal. Gender:...

Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton

Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton

Rs.4,000.00 Rs.2,800.00

Description A Million Miles Away is conveyed by vanilla and valuable woods fundamentally. A tempting oriental flower aroma that opens with the notes of apple and bergamot. The fragrances are additionally uplifted by flower notes and dry down to the common tastefulness of vanilla and pepper. A Million Miles Away is our impression of Parfums de Marly Layton. Gender: Unisex...

Cigarouge - Impression of Red Tobacco


Description Cigarouge is an amazing tobacco scent with sufficient zest to turn the warmth up. The opening is sharp and new with the notes of saffron and incense. The team of jasmine and patchouli gives flower support. The base notes are sponsored by nutmeg and cinnamon. With time, the sweet tobacco rises out of its bed to uncover itself as...

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