Sauvage Perfume Impressions at Rawaha

The Scintillating Sauvage

To those unfamiliar with the term, “Sauvage” means wild, or untamed. Thus, it is an apt description of our impression of sauvage perfumes. We have packed all the rebellious energy we can muster into this scent. The very essence of this fragrance is that of uninhibited adventure.

This scent captures our entire ideology: To go boldly where we seldom venture to. It is because of these qualities that the sauvage perfume impressions at Rawaha are regularly demanded by our customers.

Over the years more and more sauvage perfumes have flooded the market. Although their quality varies, their popularity is evident. Having said that, we at Rawaha have been relatively careful of which sauvage perfumes to make impressions of.

We have never been swayed by the marketability of a fragrance. We only make impressions of perfumes that speak to us in our language. Though it seldom happens, when it does, we maximize our efforts and resources to make the best impression possible. That’s why our products stand apart proudly in any market.

Let’s take a look at some of our impressions that have captured the imaginations of all that have used it.

  • Wild Sparkle Parfum - Impression Of Sauvage Parfume

    • The Inspiration

      Made with the sole purpose of invigorating a yearning for the wilderness within you, this perfume is special. To be out in the open sky under a sea of stars. Give yourself to the open spaces of the wild and let the motions of nature dictate your movement. To reconnect with your more primal side. Breaking free from the shackles of everyday life and looking deeper within you and what’s around you. The design of this scent was to this end.

    • The Composition

      The perfumes open with fruity, creamy notes. Their freshness immediately captures the attention of those who smell them. Then, the swift appearance of spicy notes adds a whimsical kick-back that merges elegantly with the leathery notes of sandalwood.
      The sum of all these distinct and intoxicating aromas is Dior’s Sauvage Parfum. It is extremely versatile but really comes into itself on cold nights. Its versatility means, for casual or formal events, this perfume is the answer.

    • Our Impression

      Our impression - Wild Sparkle Parfum - does justice to the original masterpiece. We capture the essence of what made the original such a huge success in our impression. Even hardcore Dior fans would take a second to differentiate between the two perfumes.
  • Wild Sparkle EDP - Impression Of Sauvage EDP

    • The Inspiration

      This scent draws inspiration from the twilight time in a desert. That sensation of seeing the sun rise in a cold desert. Bringing its warmth and radiance. This fragrance attempts to encapsulate the sensation of a better tomorrow. A better tomorrow that just almost on the cusp of appearing and that it will bring. This eloquent bottle embodies all these sensations.

    • The Composition

      The masculinity and power of this scent are evident from the first notes. The presence of bergamot gives it a citrus-y initial burst. Hints of Sichuan pepper add to the spicy. However, the lavender notes balance the scent to not make it too intrusive or aggressive. This unique spicy, floral blend is what makes this aroma have a controlled command.
      Furthermore, when the ambroxan notes hit later on, you smell a muskiness and woodiness that stands apart. Dior delivers on its description of a desert at twilight with its profound composition of Sauvage EDP.

    • Our Impression

      Our Wild Sparkle EDP is a unique, industry-defining impression of Sauvage EDP that is sure to impress all. Paying due respect to the original, we concocted this perfume with tremendous care and precision. Grab one today and be mesmerized by the surreal experience that this fragrance will take you on.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion to take away from all this is distinct to each reader. The potency of our fragrances has long been shown by our customer’s enthusiasm. However, it is up to you to search within and find your scent. The one that speaks your language. We can’t say it is a short or easy process. What we can say is Rawaha is here to help you every step of the way.

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