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Unrestricted Fragrances

Since their introduction in 1994, unisex perfumes have taken the perfume industry over by storm. For those unaware, unisex perfumes are fragrances designed keeping both genders in mind. As a result, the scent contains a dynamism that wasn’t present in gender-specific perfumes. Such an eccentric aroma encouraged people to break out from society’s confines and discover fragrances themselves. Now, they only need to depend on their noses rather than the tags attached to perfumes.

How Rawaha Does Unisex

Looking for a regal fragrance that’s also alluring? An enigmatic aroma that radiates grace? An authoritative scent that doesn’t overwhelm? Well, you are in luck for Rawaha’s Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton - is the perfect fit. This scent contains top notes of apple, lavender, bergamot, and mandarin orange.

Additionally, the middle notes of geranium, violet, and jasmine add a floral freshness to this exquisite perfume. Though noble, it’s also worn in business meetings as well as a casual night out due to its versatility.

So order it today and walk around wearing an enchantingly royal scent.

Our Forbidden Cherry - Impression of Tom Ford’s Lost Cherry

A mystery that doesn’t need solving. Reminiscent of the indulgence of something forbidden. Something enticingly within reach but impossible to grasp. A forbidden apple that must’ve never been bitten.

This intoxicating gents' fragrance, which can pass as a female perfume, is one of our most demanded scents. Its heart notes consist of Griotte syrup, Turkish rose, and Jasmine sambac which add a floral freshness.

Moreover, its base notes of Peru Balsam, Roasted Tonka Beans, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Cedar bring out the fragrance’s exoticism. Ideal to wear for spring and winter seasons, delve into this sensual fragrance that brings with it a luscious spiciness. Order yours today!

Dark & Devine perfume - Impression of Feve Delicieuse

There exists perfumes that display authority, power, and command. Then, there exist scents that are a refreshingly light whiff on a warm summer day.

However, seldom do scents indulge in a smoky aroma shrouded in a somber exquisiteness. Rawaha prides itself on satisfying all its customers by going beyond the norms of scent-making. Our Dark & Devine perfume is the best representation of this.

A delicate composition of smokiness and greenness provides it with a unique aroma. Moreover, it's an all-around versatile scent that is worn on various occasions.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are just a few perfumes from our collection. We house a diverse and wide-ranging list of fragrances that are bound to leave you spellbound. So, order your unisex perfumes today and be the first of many to be awed by their distinct scent.