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Special Blends


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Oud-e-Tafaha - Original Creation by Rawaha


Description Oud-e-Tafaha opens with an attractive, slightly sweet but tarty apple with underlying airy-rose support. As the scent moves to its early heart; the apple fades, the delicate rose takes the fore adding clean light patchouli and a mild pepper support. After that, cypriol becomes the star during the dry-down till the finish line. It stands out from the crowd...

La Luna With Oud - Impression of The Moon


Description The pleasant opening of La Luna with Oud wraps a raspberry, saffron and lychee with a . The heart delicately protects a sensitive rose and a violet with red currant and berries. The base is sublimated by oud and sandal, alongside amber and patchouli, making it a tasty creation. Regardless of where you are, this fragile and simple aroma...

Incarnation - Impression of Seminalis


Description Incarnation is crude, incredible, profound and rich with resinous wood notes and electric musk. Lily-of-the-valley is a sweet-smelling aldehyde that assists in the heart and starts another life. The vigorous and convincing mix makes you feel verifiably exotic. Incarnation is our impression of Orto Parisi Seminalis. Gender: Unisex Season: All seasons Occasion: All occasions Notes Carnation, Lily Of The Valley,...

Greenfields With Oud - Impression of Meydan


Description Greenfields With Oud is an oriental oud fragrance inspired by the nobility of the Arabian stallion. The beginning of this exhilarating fragrance is a symphony of grapefruit, apple, artemisia, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, lavender and bergamot; followed by the middle notes of tobacco, cedar, labdanum, jasmine and romantic undertones of leather, oud, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, amber and vetiver...

Royal Vetiver - Original Creation by Rawaha


Description Royal Vetiver opens with positive notes of pure vintage Khus, giving it an impressive depth and making the scent classier. Vetiver and patchouli in the heart give it a citrusy and vanilla-like freshness. Dry down is much more pleasing and well-blended with the support of bergamot and incense at the base. Royal Vetiver is an Original Creation of Rawaha....