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Ecstatic Moment - Impression of Happy Hour



The Exclusivity Of Our Exclusif Series

The word exclusif translates to “exclusive” which means limited or unique. And what makes a perfume exclusif? Well, that question has several answers.

Before anything, we need to remember that the perfume industry is a very secretive one. The nature, amount, and quality of ingredients are kept hidden along with the instructions on how to grow said ingredients. A perfume is exclusive as a result of these factors.

Tom Ford is unique for using scarce ingredients that often grow themselves. The rarer and more explosive an ingredient is, the higher the selling price.

Additionally, the perfumer also plays a major role in the scent's exclusivity. A piece by Mozart is bound to sell at a higher price than a music teacher’s piece. The bottle, packaging, and seasonal perfumes may also play a role in deciding what is an exclusif perfume.

The Elegance Of Our Exclusif Series

. Aquatic Moment Profumo Men's Top Perfume - Impression Of Acqua Di Gio Profumo

There is an immense responsibility on Rawaha when we decide to create an impression of a beloved classic. Certainly, the making of Acqua Di Gio Profumo was such a responsibility. However, we at Rawaha take pride in the challenges we face and overcome.

Indeed, this mountain, though tough, was a joy to climb. Finally, we proudly present our impression - Aquatic Moment Profumo Men’s Top Perfume. With a masculine and reasonably seductive scent, this fragrance brings elegance and earthiness.

. Smokey Vanille - Impression Of Tobacco Vanille

Notorious for using exotic ingredients, Tom Ford’s perfume Tobacco Vanille was no exception. Thus, it brought out our A-game to live up to the expectations. We’re confident that our Smokey Vanille is an authentic and true impression of Tobacco Vanille.

This scent thrives in the smokey, rusty aroma of a tobacco leaf. With the same robust flavor as that of a Cuban cigar, this fragrance brings much. An intricate composition of dark, fruity, and floral scents, it stands apart and shines. So, order one today from our collection.

. Violet Man Parfum - Impression Of Dior Homme Parfum

Our Violet Man Parfum - Impression Of Dior Homme Parfum - is an anomaly unto itself. It walks a fine and tricky line between a seductive iris and masculine leather. However, it does so masterfully. Its versatility allows you to wear it on formal occasions as well as a night out.

Yet, it will leave all those who smell it to wonder - what is this aroma? With hints of sandalwood, this vibrant, floral fragrance is just what you have been looking for. So, get one today from Rawaha

. Black Mist - Impression Of Black Afgano

Intoxicate your senses with this bewitching scent. Our Black Mist - Impression of Black Afgano - is a bestseller. It's a blend of exotic and vigorous ingredients resulting in a scent that almost feels illicit.

With an opening of cedar and musk followed by marijuana-clothed leafy herbalism with a touch of sweetness, the aroma hits you in layers.

Leaving those who smell in the wonder of the fragrance and in awe of the wearer. With a 24-hour juggernaut duration, this perfume is an essential item in everyone’s collection.

. The Invincible Series - Impression Of Aventus Perfume

As perfumers, it’s our responsibility to stay true to the original scent when making impressions. However, the core of our profession is to create fragrances that delight the senses and take risks. That’s why we decided not only to make impressions of Aventus Perfume but make multiple impressions to satisfy each niche.

Whether it is our Invincible Top or our Invincible For her, we strived to go beyond all boundaries to achieve the zenith that eludes many. Buy one now and be a part of our journey.

. Cryptic Profumo - Impression Of Code Profumo

A legend amongst men, Armani’s Code Profumo brought an incredibly attractive and sensual scent. Our impression, Cryptic Profumo, is our honest and bold interpretation of just that. With a burst of layers entering one’s olfactory senses one at a time, it leaves all those who smell it in adulation. Order this intricate perfume complex and wondrous fragrance today and stand out from any crowd.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the products in our exclusif series are there for a reason. Each with a unique composition and appeal, its demand is self-explanatory. So, grab one today and experience an exclusive journey with our bewitching perfumes.