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Inspired by Acqua Di Gio & Issey Miyaki | Inspired by Oud Ispahan | Inspired by Versace Eros | Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540 | Inspired by Creed Aventus | Inspired by Aventus for Her | Inspired by Yves Saint Laurant Tuxedo | Inspired by Black Afgano | Inspired by Tuscan Leather | Inspired by J’adore

The Scintillating Sauvage To those unfamiliar with the term, “Sauvage” means wild, or u...
When you invest in a high-quality perfume, you want to make sure it lasts as long as po...
About Versace Launched in 1978, “Gianni Versace Donna” or “Versace” as it is known toda...

Embrace Individuality with Our Exclusive Impressions

For far too long, the West and Middle East have dominated the market for scents. The French with their sense-numbing sensuality and the Arabs with their mystical potions. Is it that the rest of the world is too ahead of us, or we don’t have anything to offer? The latter couldn’t be further from the truth. Thus, began Rawaha’s mission.

We set out to prove to the world that Pakistani scents exist in their unique way. Our craftsmen began working on taking the most enchanting and eloquent scents from around the world and developing something new with them; something that contains the elements of Pakistan while also maintaining the original scent’s integrity.

Another goal we strived to achieve was to make scents accessible to all. Hence, we developed affordable scents that didn’t compromise on quality. Now, our high-quality impressions are easily accessible to everyone!

Our success is a testament to the satisfaction of customers and the quality of our products. Rawaha promises to continue on its mission and keep developing. Our craftsmanship combines all the intricacies, techniques, and magic of scent-making from all over the world.