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Signature Series - Signature 1


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Blitz - Impression of Rush


Description Blitz is formed like a delicious, fascinating and botanical mix, and begins with Californian gardenia, South African freesia and peach. The heart reveals the oriental character of this aroma with the notes of rose, jasmine and coriander. Vanilla, patchouli and vetiver join the rest as it drydown. The scent has a waiting that follows the lady and encompasses her...

Venomous Desire - Impression of Poison Girl


Description Poison girl is a heavenly olfactory bait that immediately toxins and attracts your delight to the mark of habit. It opens with the bitter orange and lemon; however, the notes of rose and orange blossom silently wait for them in the heart. The self-contradicting flower scent has Venezuelan tonka bean, almond, vanilla, cashmeran and balsam at the base, eventually...

Adorable Love - Impression of J'adore


Description Adorable Love is a radiant scent. Its rich and brilliant opening has the fruity notes including melon, pear, peach, bergamot and mandarin. The heart is a complete bouquet of sweet flowers including jasmine, freesia, rose, lily, orchid and violet. Musk, vanilla, cedar and blackberry further enhances the elegant aroma at the base. Adorable Love is our impression of Dior...

Sweet Lagoon - Impression of Escape for Women


Description Sweet lagoon is an elegant eau de parfum spray, formulated with captivating fruity and sweet floral notes. Melon, apricot, lychee and black currant give this fragrance the sweetest start. They are further joined by the notes of jasmine, rose and lily-of-the-valley in the floral heart. The base is enriched with exotic woody sensations, amber and vanilla. Sweet Lagoon is...

Eternal Woman - Impression of Eternity for Women


Description Eternal Woman's opening notes incorporate mandarin and freesia, which gives it daintiness and newness with green notes. In the heart, white florals join with marigold and a whiff of homegrown green components to make it splendid and lovely. Afterward, a golden woodiness is converged with extraordinarily delicate and pale patchouli which makes this fragrance exciting and endless. Eternal Woman...

Molten Frost Woman - Impression of Cool Water Woman


Description Molten Frost Woman is all fruity, predominantly from the blackcurrant and melon which add to upgrade the magnificence of the fragrance. The heart gets comfortable, like different blossoms such as jasmine and lily-of-the-valley, being cut and set in a glass bowl of chilled water. The dry down has an unmistakable note of vanilla with traces of musk mixed and...