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Prive 2


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Black Mist Prive - Impression of Black Afgano


Description Black Mist Prive opens with an enormous impact of cannabis and green notes. The tacky greenness goes on for hours before fragrant woody notes and pitches join it in the heart. A zesty incense, nearly with a sweet and smoky accord, floats a profound mix of espresso and tobacco. Black Mist Prive is our impression of Nasamatto Black Afgano....

Urban Nomad - Impression of Ombre Nomade


Description The top note of Urban Nomad is sweet with a noticeable rose note. A gourmand vibe with delicious raspberry transforms into a dim, luxurious, and warm incense at heart. Later, it is adjusted with a portion of smoky oud and residue of birch and benzoin, making this aroma extraordinary. Urban Nomad is our impression of Louis Vuitton Ombre Nomade....

Burj Al Oud - Impression of Dubai Oud


Description Burj Al Oud is the deep woody fragrance of Oud, perfectly encapsulates the orient with top notes of pineapple, lime, saffron and pine. Flowery middle notes are composed of jasmine, rose, orchid, violet, lily, amberwood, cedarwood, myrrh, olibanum and pure Indian agarwood oil. The base is dominant with the woody notes including oud, cedar, sandalwood, tobacco, vetiver and musk,...

Lion's Roar - Impression of Uden Overdose


Description Lion's Roar opens with lemon and bergamot notes. They wait in one's memory bringing back old stories, the sound of smashing waves and tones of the amazing ocean. The heart blossoms with tobacco and ginger bravely. At last, the amber and musk notes blend on the skin, leaving behind a scene like a jump into freshwater. Lion's Roar is...

Party Animal - Impression of Baraonda


Description In the opening, it impresses with the best alcoholic note, accompanied by a pleasant creaminess. The whiskey takes a back seat at heart, while the ambrette with woody notes becomes a little sweeter and takes over. In the end, the botanical ambroxan, rose and musk radiates a pleasant warmth. Clearly, a dreamlike fragrance. Party Animal is our impression of...

Magnificent Santal - Impression of Richwood


Description Magnificent Santal plays on sandalwood from; quite possibly the most excellent and uncommon fixings in perfumery. It begins with citrus and fruity notes and enters into the heart with a pleasing rose. Patchouli and vanilla touch musk at the base and bring rich naturalness. The wild woods keep on unwinding on the skin. Magnificent Santal is our impression of...

Greenfields - Impression of Meydan


Description Greenfields is an oriental fragrance inspired by the nobility of the Arabian stallion. The beginning of this exhilarating fragrance is a symphony of grapefruit, apple, artemisia, cardamom, saffron, nutmeg, lavender and bergamot; followed by the middle notes of tobacco, cedar, labdanum, jasmine and romantic undertones of leather, oud, sandalwood, vanilla, musk, tonka bean, amber and vetiver at the base....

Vetiver View - Impression Of Le Labo Vetiver 46


Description Vetiver View is a dark and deep composition and an ultimate treat for the vetiver lovers. The most dominant note of vetiver is surrounded by pepper, labdanum, guaiac and cedar wood takes you to a wicked journey from the peppery opening till the woody base Vetiver View is an inspired expression of Le Labo Vetiver 46. Gender: Unisex Season:...

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