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Arcadium, Top - Affordable Fragrances For Men - Impression of Elysium


Affordable Fragrances For Men Description Arcadium best budget fragrances for men. It is a new contemporary blend of fiery citrus at first with hints of galbanum and thyme. It offers an approach to adjust fruity notes and fiery woods with light florals in the heart. Finally, it settles on an exquisite musky and natural base of vetiver with vanilla, calfskin...

Ace of Spades - Impression of X for Men - Perfume For Men


  Long Lasting Perfume For Men Description Ace of Spades is long lasting perfume for men. It opens with the notes of rhubarb, pineapple and an evergreen bergamot. The heart is floral with the touch of paprika. The real players of the whole league shows at the base including cedar, cinnamon vetiver and oak moss, and make the profile of...

Auric Honor - Popular Long Lasting Perfume - Impression of Gold Knight


Most Popular Long Lasting Perfume Description Auric Honor is most popular perfume for men. It begins with the notes of anise and bergamot. In the heart, the arousing vanilla is hung in profound, brilliant nectar. As the aroma develops and moves to base, it becomes more obscure as the sweet patchouli sparkles hopelessly. Auric Honor is our impression of Kilian...

King of Spades - Impression of 1872


Description King of Spades is a botanical new fragrance with opening notes of grapefruit, bergamot, pineapple and nutmeg. Jasmine and freesia with the traces of clary sage make the heart, a sweet-smelling punch. The base with oakmoss, cedar, patchouli, golden, and olibanum offsets it with an amazing innovator touch. King of Spades is our impression of 1872 by Clive Christian. Gender:...

Fire Breather - Impression of Tygar


Description Fire Breather opens with the delicious citrus of a grapefruit. The heart is a woody blend with botanical ambroxan which last until it fades away. It is an extremely manly aroma with moderate to strong sillage and a stunning life span. Fire Breather is our impression of the divine Bvlgari Tygar. Gender: Men Season: All Seasons Occasion: Formal Notes...

Rampage - Impression of The Tragedy of Lord George


Description Rampage is a sublime fragrance; begins with the note of old brandy. The strong and determined heart switches your mood towards hope with its woody and ambery touch. The dry-down keeps you going all day with the hints tonka bean at the base. Rampage is our inspired expression of Penhaligon’s The Tragedy of Lord George. Gender: Men Season: Fall,...

Legendary Man - Impression of Epic Man


Description Legendary Man's opening has a punchy space with berry quintessence and a cardamom impact, loaded up with saffron, nutmeg, mace, and a recognizable pink pepper. Its heart has a touch of pleasantness from myrrh and flanked by geranium, offering a green contrast to the blaze. Legendary Man is our impression of Amouage Epic Man. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter...

Days In Havana - Impression of Interlude Man


Description Days in Havana opens up with an oregano note. Resinous plans and dim incense on a fundamental level spins to combine golden underneath the surface. It dries down to the masculine notes of cowhide and smoke. A kind of scent that will help you to revive driving past a sweet, smoky massive fire wafting across the lake. Days in...

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