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Wild Oud – Impression Of Le Labo Oud 27


Description Wild opens with the agarwood (oud) in an unusual way. The scent has many twists and turns at the heart and the base, in the presence of cedar, patchouli, pepper, and animalic notes. Wild Oud is our inspired expression of Le Labo Oud 27. Gender: Unisex Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: All Notes: Agarwood (Oud), Ambergris, Saffron, Virginia Cedar, Aldehydes, Musk,...

Tranquility - Impression Of Hundred Silent Ways


Description Tranquility is a rare fruity floral scent that starts with a touch of juicy peaches & mandarin notes on the top which transitions seamlessly to more floral heart notes of gardenia, orris & jasmine. Ending with a nutty, savory woodiness of sandalwood with a touch of vetiver. Tranquility is our impression of Nishane Hundred Silent Ways. Gender: Unisex Season:...

Vetiver View - Impression Of Le Labo Vetiver 46


Description Vetiver View is a dark and deep composition and an ultimate treat for the vetiver lovers. The most dominant note of vetiver is surrounded by pepper, labdanum, guaiac and cedar wood takes you to a wicked journey from the peppery opening till the woody base Vetiver View is an inspired expression of Le Labo Vetiver 46. Gender: Unisex Season:...

Glow - Inspiration Of Boadicea Aurica


Description Glow is a perfect weekend partner, shines with prominent pineapple note in the beginning and moves towards floral heart, possessing enchanting marigold and rose. Cambodian oud takes the lead onwards and settles on the base having prominent notes of vanilla, musk, vetiver and sandalwood. Glow is our inspired expression of Boadicea Aurica. Gender: Unisex Season: All Occasion: All Notes...

Casanova Prive - Impression of Nasomatto Pardon


Description Casanova Prive opens like all botanicals and has a thick, opaque chocolate, oud and tonka bean fragrance at the heart. It is bound by sandalwood at the base wrapped with agarwood. It's warm and hot with a sweet undertone. Casanova, Prive is our impression of Nasomatto Pardon. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter, Spring Occasion: Formal Notes Magnolia, Dark Chocolate,...

Aromatic Heist - Impression of Viking Cologne


Description Aromatic Heist is a perfect scent to beat the heat of summers. The opening is fresh and citrusy including mandarin, lemon, bergamot and pink pepper. Captivating heart silently steals the attention with lavender. Further dry-down keeps the fragrance strolling on the woody base. Aromatic Heist is our inspired expression of Creed Viking Cologne. Gender: Unisex Season: Spring, Summer, Fall...

Limitless - Impression of Boundless


Description Limitless is a powerhouse and opens with a burst of blood orange, cardamom, ginger and elemi. Heart affixes a boast with bourbon vanilla and benzoin. Woody and spicy notes including tobacco, incense, vetiver and oakmoss with the hint of smoke in dry-down projects as a firework show at the base. Limitless is our inspired expression of Amouage Boundless. Gender:...

Oblivion - Impression of Sedley


Description Oblivion is a Citrusy Aromatic fragrance, which also contains subtle fruity and woody undertones. It is a fresh and light citrus fragrance, with a touch of Lemon, Grapefruit and Bergamot at top blended with notes of Lavender, Geranium, Ambroxan, Sandalwood, Cedar & Patchouli at heart and bottom. This combination creates a sensual and inviting scent that is perfect for...

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