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Exclusif Series - Exclusif 2


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Persian Oud - Impression of Oud Ispahan


Description Persian Oud opens with labdanum subtleties and a powerful, smooth melody of Turkish rose, which quickly mixes the faculties. This rich layer prompts a significant quality of patchouli on a basic level, which waits noticeably all around and skin. Eventually, oud and rose converge to practice for the masterstroke. Persian Oud is our impression of Dior Oud Ispahan. Gender:...

Apocalypse - Impression of No. 4 Après l’Amour


Description Apocalypse is an agreement made by the top notes of orange bloom and lemon blended with gold. The leather is simply perfect, blending with the forested areas, light flavours, and musk during the shift to its heart. Pretty and woody, simultaneously during the dry-down. Apocalypse is our inspired expression of Thomas Kosmala No. 4 Après l’Amour. Gender: Unisex Season:...

Black Mist - Impression of Black Afgano


Description Black Mist opens with an enormous impact of cannabis and green notes. The tacky greenness goes on for hours before fragrant woody notes and pitches join it in the heart. A zesty incense, nearly with a sweet and smoky accord, floats a profound mix of espresso and tobacco. Black Mist is our impression of Nasamatto Black Afgano. Gender: Unisex...

Coco Laachi by Rawaha - Original Creation by Rawaha


Description Cocolachi is a fragrance for all the sweet-tooth’s out there. A sweet fragrance with top notes of chocolate, cardamom and coffee. In the heart, coconut notes enjoy the company of hash from the base. The gourmand dry down is made up of the notes of vanilla, coffee, chocolate and spices. Coco Laachi is an Original Creation of Rawaha Gender:...

Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton

Million Miles Away - Impression of Layton

Rs.4,000.00 Rs.2,800.00

Description A Million Miles Away is conveyed by vanilla and valuable woods fundamentally. A tempting oriental flower aroma that opens with the notes of apple and bergamot. The fragrances are additionally uplifted by flower notes and dry down to the common tastefulness of vanilla and pepper. A Million Miles Away is our impression of Parfums de Marly Layton. Gender: Unisex...

Forbidden Cherry - Impression of Lost Cherry


Description Forbidden Cherry wraps a predominant cherry aroma that opens with the mix of cherry and almond. It further breaks down into a zesty smell with the heart notes of Turkish rose and jasmine. It settles to a warm hot, woody base, with the cherries peeping up to make proper acquaintance. Forbidden Cherry is our impression of Tom Ford Lost...

Cape Town Evenings - Impression of Bal D'Afrique


Description Cape Town Evenings - neroli, bergamot, and bits of lemon make for a profound new beginning. Heart notes join flower accord with a bright violet blended in with delicate jasmine. The florals gather with the vetiver pleasantly behind the scenes as it dries down—an exceptional one for experimentalists. Cape Town Evenings is our Impression of Byredo Bal D'Afrique. Gender:...

Crack of Dawn - Impression of Dawn


Description Dawn is deceptively simple and its magnificent texture is faceted by a host of supporting characters. It opens with the refreshing rose and lively pink pepper. At the perfume’s core, there’s an abundance of natural oud with the support of olibanum. Laudanum and vibrant vetiver bring extra warmth, while the oak moss provides a dark focal point at the...

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