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Exclusif Series - Exclusif 2


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Violet Man Parfum - Impression Of Dior Homme Parfum


Description Violet Man Parfum has a sharp opening with the elegance of Tuscan iris note. Heart is a rare duo of leather and rose. Woody base completes it as a perfect profile scent, with a slight touch of oud. Violet Man Parfum is our inspired expression of Dior Homme Parfum. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: All Notes: Tuscan Iris,...

Gentleman's Word Parfum - Impression of BDC Parfum


Bleu de Chanel Perfume In Pakistan Description Gentleman's Word Parfum starts waiting on the warm, habit-forming totality of lemon zest and minty bergamot. In the heart, the fragrance becomes flowery and fruity with the notes of lavender, pineapple, and geranium. The base range all through the serious woody, smoky, and sweet-smelling notes including cedar and sandalwood. Gentleman's Word Parfum is...

Invincible Top - Impression of Aventus


Description Invincible Top has a fruity opening. It is invigorating yet develops. The pineapple's light touch, bergamot, and apple notes are easily stroked by birch tar in the frontal area. In the heart, jasmine and rose accord animates the flowery air of this work of art. As it dries down, the base notes of golden oakmoss, vanilla, and musk, dominate....

Aquatic Moment Profondo Men's Perfume - Impression of Acqua Di Gio Profondo


Strong Long Lasting Perfume Description Aquatic Moment Profondo Strong long lasting men's perfume. A mix of spices, botanical rosemary, lavender, and cypress raise this fragrance Amphibian Second Profondo at its heart. Mineral notes and patchouli at the base are gently encompassed in patchouli and upgraded by golden. It is a cryptic, amphibian, and manly aroma. Aquatic Moment Profondo is our...

Wild Sparkle EDP - Impression of Sauvage EDP


Description Wild Sparkle EDP has citrus and fruity top notes including bergamot and mandarin orange. The heart is just about as solid and woody as sandalwood which further blends with the elemi note to project a zest situated base. The based notes are profound and energetic which upgrades the splendid daylight rhythm. Wild Sparkle EDP is our inspiration from Dior...

Wild Sparkle Parfum - Impression of Sauvage Parfum


Description Wild Sparkle Parfum is inspired by landscapes of moonlit prairies, dark skies and campfires. This composition begins with bergamot, mandarin and elemi. The woody heart paves a way to the base, set with the notes olibanum, tonka bean and vanilla. This blend is extremely fresh and warm with oriental tones. Wild Sparkle Parfum is our impression of Dior Sauvage...

Amour Passionné - Impression of La Nuit de l'Homme - Fragrance For Men


Top Quality Men's Fragrance Description Amour Passionné is best fragrance for men. It opens up with a cardamom declaration, peony, and a basic murmur of bergamot, drying down with an exceptionally delicate golden, however strong vetiver. Additionally, it highlights a portion of citrus and golden, with woodsy-cedar holding up behind the scenes to balance it. Amour Passionné is our take...

The Absolute Scent Authority - Impression Of Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute for Him


Description The Absolute Scent Authority is a simple and rare composition scent that opens with ginger note. The heart notes are Maninka and Mondia Root that are joined by vetiver at the base. The Absolute Scent Authority is our inspired expression of Hugo Boss The Scent Absolute for him. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: All Notes: Ginger, Maninka, Mondia...

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