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Exclusif Series - Exclusif 2


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Persian Oud - Impression of Oud Ispahan


Description Persian Oud opens with labdanum subtleties and a powerful, smooth melody of Turkish rose, which quickly mixes the faculties. This rich layer prompts a significant quality of patchouli on a basic level, which waits noticeably all around and skin. Eventually, oud and rose converge to practice for the masterstroke. Persian Oud is our impression of Dior Oud Ispahan. Gender:...

Gentleman's Word Parfum - Impression of BDC Parfum


Bleu de Chanel Perfume In Pakistan Description Gentleman's Word Parfum starts waiting on the warm, habit-forming totality of lemon zest and minty bergamot. In the heart, the fragrance becomes flowery and fruity with the notes of lavender, pineapple, and geranium. The base range all through the serious woody, smoky, and sweet-smelling notes including cedar and sandalwood. Gentleman's Word Parfum is...

Arabian Nights - Impression of Oud Malaki


Description If you love Oriental, Spicy and Woody odors, Arabian Nights is just the thing for you. The aroma of this unique fragrance is as irresistible as it is complex, with a combination of Grapefruit, Lavender at top blended with strong leathery and woody note of Leather, Spices, Tobacco, Agarwood, & Ambergris at middle and base notes. The scent is...

Apocalypse - Impression of No. 4 Après l’Amour


Description Apocalypse is an agreement made by the top notes of orange bloom and lemon blended with gold. The leather is simply perfect, blending with the forested areas, light flavours, and musk during the shift to its heart. Pretty and woody, simultaneously during the dry-down. Apocalypse is our inspired expression of Thomas Kosmala No. 4 Après l’Amour. Gender: Unisex Season:...

Aquatic Moment Profondo Men's Perfume - Impression of Acqua Di Gio Profondo


Strong Long Lasting Perfume Description Aquatic Moment Profondo Strong long lasting men's perfume. A mix of spices, botanical rosemary, lavender, and cypress raise this fragrance Amphibian Second Profondo at its heart. Mineral notes and patchouli at the base are gently encompassed in patchouli and upgraded by golden. It is a cryptic, amphibian, and manly aroma. Aquatic Moment Profondo is our...

Violet Man Parfum - Impression Of Dior Homme Parfum


Description Violet Man Parfum has a sharp opening with the elegance of Tuscan iris note. Heart is a rare duo of leather and rose. Woody base completes it as a perfect profile scent, with a slight touch of oud. Violet Man Parfum is our inspired expression of Dior Homme Parfum. Gender: Men Season: Fall, Winter Occasion: All Notes: Tuscan Iris,...

Miss Flora, Top - Impression of Flora Pour Femme


Description Miss Flora, Top has the top notes of citruses and peony. A heart is improved with rose and osmanthus, a Chinese bloom which charms with fruity-floral fragrances. Patchouli and sandalwood further set the scene at the base. Miss Flora, Top is our impression of Gucci Flora. Gender: Women Season: All Seasons Occasion: All Occasions Notes Peony, Citruses, Osmanthus, Rose,...

Black Mist - Impression of Black Afgano


Description Black Mist opens with an enormous impact of cannabis and green notes. The tacky greenness goes on for hours before fragrant woody notes and pitches join it in the heart. A zesty incense, nearly with a sweet and smoky accord, floats a profound mix of espresso and tobacco. Black Mist is our impression of Nasamatto Black Afgano. Gender: Unisex...

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