5 Types of Impression Perfumes You Need in Your Collection

Perfumes are like a musical symphony, composed of the top, middle, and end notes that work collectively to produce a unique, pleasant, and signature scent that enhances your personality. While there are a variety of designer perfumes available in the market to suit different occasions, it’s no surprise that impression perfumes are a great way to build your collection without breaking the bank.

How? Because these types of perfumes are top-quality dupes of their original versions, they offer almost identical scents as the original ones but at a significantly lower price which makes them affordable alternatives for mainstream customers.

Whether you prefer bold and strong scents or like to go soft and subtle, there are numerous types of designer-inspired impressions. Below, we have shortlisted top 5 types of impression perfumes from Rawaha according to their scent profile.

Let’s dive right in.

  1. Fallen Angel Extreme - Scent Profile: Floral

    Floral perfumes are one of the most common types of perfumes, specifically for women. These perfumes are inspired by various sweet-smelling flowers such as roses, jasmine, gardenias, and orange blossoms.

    These perfumes are romantic, sweet, and usually very light. They are created using single or multiple notes from different flowers.

    Our Fallen Angel Extreme is an impression of Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian and is primarily a floral scent from our prive series. Featuring notes of jasmine sambac, osmanthus, rose, tuberose, narcissus, white cedar, and amber, it is a feminine scent, suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

  2. Genoa Citrus - Scent Profile: Citrus

    Immerse yourself in the refreshing vibe of citrus-based perfumes. These perfumes are derived from orange, tangerine, lime, and lemon extracts to offer a tangy scent, and are generally suitable for daytime wear.

    Citrus fragrances are likely to blend well for a soft fragrance. Rawaha’s Genoa Citrus is an impression of Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford, opening with a basic citrusy note that merges with the hints of rosemary, and lavender as middle notes. It’s a unisex perfume, perfect for all seasons, and occasions.

  3. Rogue Hunter - Scent Profile: Woody Spicy

    Are you wondering which perfume lasts the longest? Given the woody notes of oak moss, patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, and cedarwood in combination with spicy notes of pink pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, and leathery saffron, these fragrances are classic and tend to have a good staying power in contrast to their floral and citrus counterparts.

    At Rawaha, our unisex perfume, Rogue Hunter is one of our top picks for this season with warm notes of amber, ginger, cinnamon, and bay leaf that make it ideal for formal events.

  4. Aquatic Leather - Scent Profile: Oceanic

    Oceanic scents are regarded as the newest addition to the fragrance category that features synthetic aromas to create scents that resemble smells of ocean, sea, coastal trees, and earthy sands. These types of perfumes make apt choices for official events, and job interviews.

    Aquatic leather is our impression of Ocean Leather by Memo Paris. It opens with refreshing notes of mandarin, orange, and basil with middle notes of elemi, and sage. The heart notes consist of nutmeg, vetiver, and leather. Aquatic leather is well-suited for all seasons and occasions.

  5. Cold Boozy Spirit - Scent Profile: Fruity

    Fruity fragrances are extremely pleasant to smell due to their sweetness. They are a blend of sweet and spicy notes of fruits like apple, berry, peach, pineapple, and similar juicy fruits which make them suitable for casual hangouts.

    Our Cold Boozy Spirit is inspired by Kilian Apple Brandy On the Rocks. Featuring the opening notes of cardamom, and bergamot with the heart notes of apple, pineapple, brandy, and vanilla and base notes of brandy and sage, it is ideal for fall, spring, and winter seasons.

    It has a perfect sillage which makes it a perfect balance between fruity, woody, and tart. It is suitable for both casual, and formal gatherings.

Summing up, impression perfumes are creating hype in the perfumery industry for all the right reasons. From being easily available, and economical to having a large variety, these perfumes are sure to win you over. Check out our extensive collection of branded perfumes’ impressions at Rawaha here: https://buyrawaha.com/

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