Rawaha's Black Mist - Impression of Black Afgano

The concept of unisex perfumes is gaining popularity more than ever before and because they do not fit within conventional masculine or feminine scent profiles and are gender-neutral fragrances that smell good on both genders. Black Afgano by Nasomatto is among such unisex fragrances that can be best described as dark, mesmeric, & addictive. It features heavy notes of cannabis, resins, tobacco, coffee & oud.

Black Afgano is a strong & intense fragrance that may be more suitable for evening wear or special occasions rather than everyday use. It has a decent aroma that makes it the best Nasomatto fragrance. 

However, some people may find it too strong or overpowering for everyday wear. Therefore, it should be selected as per your individual preference & dresscode of an event.

At Rawaha, we bring you the best impressions of designer brands at affordable prices . Are you wondering what makes Black Mist a popular pick among our customers? Let’s find out! 

Uncovering Black Mist

Fragrance Profile

Black Mist is one of our best-sellers with woodsy and green notes of agarwood, cedarwood, tobacco and cannabis, that smells warm, strong, and earthy. It’s a woodsy fragrance with smoky accords, reminding you of lush green forests while adding a touch of masculine edge to your aura. These notes complement a calming base of incense & oud for a fascinating smokiness. 


As an impression of Black Afgano, our Black Mist has an enormous sillage & high durability which makes it a heavy fragrance that lingers on for hours without having to be reapplied.It only requires a single splash to take over all other fragrances when entering a room. Thus, you need to be careful with the application so that you don’t go overboard and end up overwhelming those around you with an extremely strong scent. 


Black Mist has good longevity, lasting for several hours on the skin. It also has good projection, meaning that the scent can be easily detected by others when worn. However, the longevity and projection of a fragrance can vary depending on factors such as an individual's body chemistry, the environment in which the fragrance is worn, and the amount of fragrance applied. 

Why Will You Love it?

It’s simple yet unique combination of oud & cannabis gives it an enchanting and misty quality of deep, & resinous aroma that will leave an unforgettable impression on everyone around. Prepare to grace all formal events with a few spritz of our Black Mist. What are you waiting for? Make the most of our new year sale & shop online at: https://buyrawaha.com/

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