Tips on How to Wear Perfume in Winters

Just like you change your wardrobe – take the chance to switch up your fragrance collection in winter. You need to pay attention to your fragrance just like you do with your clothes – keep a few classic seasonal scents that you can wear year after year. In winter all the layering and cold temperatures dull the scents, so you need to look for perfumes that can make you smell good all day long.

Do you need advice on how to wear perfumes in winter? Read the following tips to learn how to make the most out of your fragrance this season.

What Makes The Perfect Winter Fragrance?

The answer to this question depends on your skin type. If you have dry skin then you should pick perfumes that are of complex notes as they will last longer on your skin. Those with oily skin should prefer fruity fragrances with less deep notes as they aren’t likely to get too heavy on you, even on chilly days.

Fruity scents that have spicy or smoky accords are perfect for winter as they tend to be more complex and richer than regular fruity perfumes. Woody scents may sound like the perfect winter fragrance but in reality, they do not work so well on chilly days. Lastly, you can also look for aromatic perfumes as they are also great for winter because of their long-lasting, rich, and deep notes.

How Does Weather Effects Perfume?

Fragrances are easily affected by both warm and cold weather. In summer, the warm temperature accelerates the absorption of fragrance notes on the skin, allowing them to evaporate at a faster rate. While on the hand, in winter the evaporation rate slows down prompting the top and heart notes.

In other words, fragrances are least likely to last longer on your skin, because your skin’s natural moisture level drops along; causing it to be drier.

Tips On How To Wear Perfumes In Winter

  • Look For Seasonal Scents

    One of our top tips on how to wear perfume in winter is to completely switch your scent collection. Just like you transition your wardrobe at the end of each season, this winter, consider doing the same to your perfumes.

    Summer is usually the time for using light and fresh fragrances. Meanwhile, in winter you need to use more robust perfumes. You can shop the oriental family as they last longer and are also famous for their warm scent.

  • Moisturize Before Applying The Perfume

    As your skin gets dried during winter, the perfume that you apply to it tends to evaporate quickly. It is just like pouring water on dry soil; it will just flow out or drain away. Therefore, ensure your skin is hydrated and soft before you spray the perfume so that it can lock onto your skin.

    The easiest way to do this is that you apply some unscented body moisturizer, or you can apply petroleum jelly as it hydrates your skin.

  • Choose EDP Over EDT

    Eau de Parfum is generally preferred over the regular Eau de Toilette in winter. As EDP has a higher perfume concentration, it has more longevity and intensity, and lastly, it is more tenacious which makes it a perfect pick for colder days.

  • Choose Warm And Comforting Scents

    Winter is the time when most people focus on comforting, soft, and warm clothes, for example, cashmere sweaters, woolen scarves, and fuzzy socks. Similarly, the fragrance that you choose should be able to evoke the same feeling.

    Therefore, finding a warm and comforting scent should be your priority as this type of perfume tends to keep you emotionally and mentally protected from cold temperatures. Just like cashmere on your skin, the right winter fragrance should feel soft, pleasant, comfy, and soothing.

Sum Up!

The time has come to take a closer look at the fragrance collection and to ask yourself that are you wearing the right seasonal fragrance. Just like your summer clothes can not keep you warm in winter, similarly light notes fragrances can’t make you smell good all day long in winter.

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