Your Guide to Getting Signature Perfumes from Rawaha


Along with your cosmetics, your clothing and perfume choices can say a lot about who you are. While a red lip and a power suit may be seen from across the room, the signature perfume is a far more subtle and personal approach to expressing the kind of person you are.

To others, your signature perfume might be a subconscious way they will remember you and how they will perceive you. For you, however, it might play a bigger role in determining the kind of day you're going to have and the vibe you want to create. 

Picking a signature perfume can take a little while, specifically considering the thousands of available options in the market. And while having an excess of options, it can be a relief to simplify your routine for a more intentional and minimalistic fragrance wardrobe.

How Can You Discover Your Signature Scent?


1. Begin By Learning About Fragrance Families

To put it in simple words, understanding the scent families and accords is just like understanding genres in music. While listening to music it is essential to know the difference between hip-hop and baroque – similarly, for finding a signature fragrance it is important to the difference between woody, fresh, floral, etc.

There are few scents that dabble into more than one perfume family, but learning what accords you lean toward can instantly narrow down your hunt for a signature perfume. 

  • Fresh scents are usually lighter and citrusy

  • Spicy perfumes are often warm

  • Floral tends to be more mature and feminine

  • Woody fragrances are usually masculine and earth

Of course, every scent uniquely blends notes, so while a scent may consist of a fruity top note, it could also contain woodsy ingredients for giving an olfactory cocktail, yet learning what inclusive fragrance family you prefer is the first step towards your signature perfume. 

2.Determine The Emotions Your Signature Scent Should Evoke

Do you wish to appear intriguing? Or would you prefer to exude confidence? Think about this when you take sniffs between fragrances of Chanel allure homme sport and Hugo Boss perfume before settling on the one. Don’t forget, spraying on fragrance should make you feel like both who you are and who you aspire to be. 

3.Think about trends, but be skeptical

Trends are a useful indicator of what is popular, but like with anything, you discover what you like and develop the confidence to follow your own instincts. We would recommend that you don't let these trends cloud your judgment. You can try our exotic Versace Eros and polo sport perfume these signature scents have stood the test of time and will carry on to stay on the top. 

4.Think How Long You Want Your Signature Scent To Last

When you are walking through department stores and searching through Eau de toilette, Eau de parfum, and much more. Before going to the cash register, it is more important to comprehend the difference. The name of the fragrance implies the concentration level of the fragrance, which goes together with its retail price and longevity. 

  • Eau de cologne is created using 2% to 6% oil that lasts up to two hours.

  • Eau de toilette can have 5% to 15% oil and tends to roughly last for three hours.

  • Eau de parfum consists of 15% to 20% and tends to last between five and eight hours.

  • Pure parfum consists of 15% to 40% oil and tends to last up to 24 hours.

Final Thoughts!

The fragrance world is open to beauty and interpretation of it is in the experimentation. Do not be afraid to create your scents, successively, finding something that will actually represent you and bring the best out of you.

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