What's the Difference Between Body Mist and Body Spray

Are you looking for your next signature scent? Well, with Rawaha you can easily find a fragrance that will make you smell good all day long. But to make sure that you are choosing the right fragrance for yourself you need to know the difference between body mist and body spray.

On the surface, they both serve a similar purpose – to help you smell refreshing and good, but there is a difference that you should know. Therefore, before you begin adding different body sprays and mists to your collection, here is the lay-down on what sets each apart.  

Body Spray And Body Mist – What Is The Difference?

Body spray is lower in oil concentration which means that they do not have long-lasting power, however, it is refreshing and strong; having a masculine scent to it. It is lighter in strength as compared to the cologne, it is also typically less costly.  

While on the other hand, body mist is a lighter, and softer version of perfume that is usually feminine with floral and fruity accords. It is quite similar to body spray as they also contain a low level of concentrated oils and a higher level of water and alcohol. However, in the past few years, body mist has had a revival and since then it has come a long way. These brighter, lighter formulas are a perfect fit for everyday wear and can also be easily layered with complimenting scents or other body products. 

How To Use Body Spray

Use It On Spraying Spots

When it comes to body spray for men, where to apply it is almost as essential as picking the right scents. You can apply body spray on different spots on your body so that you can smell, good for a longer time period. The right places to aim for are the pulse points such as your neck, chest, behind your ears, knees, elbows, and lastly the inside of your wrist.  

Well, by this we do not mean that you should spray on all these points at once. Instead, we would recommend that you should pick a few pulse points and then give those areas a spritz or two in order to make body spray last longer.

Find Your Scent

While looking for your scent, we would suggest that you seek out for fragrance that is mild, yet noticeable. Look for a body spray that has natural ingredients such as essential oils, lemons, lavender, and frankincense as it can provide you with a gentle scent while keeping your skin fresh and free from harmful chemicals.  

How To Use Body Mist


Use It Right After Stepping Out Of the Shower

Body mist for women is an amazing way to hydrate your skin, and you can directly apply it to your skin. We would recommend that you spray it right after showering on clean and dry skin, or before stepping out. The pleasant aroma of mist is a great way to wander throughout the day feeling fresh.  

Use It As A Complimentary Scent

The second way to use a body mist is by using it as a complimentary scent to your fragrance by layering the mist with a body moisturizer. As body mist is less expensive as compared to perfumes and can be used as a corresponding scent to your favorite Eau De Toilette or Eau De Parfum. Mist offers a breezy and light touch and can work in harmony with your existing signature perfume. 

Fragrance Tip: during summer days, you can keep your mist in the refrigerator to get that cooling effect to your skin.  

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we would like to state that it is quite important to know the difference between body mist and body spray as it helps you create your signature scent. Picking the right scent is also equally essential being that your scent is what expresses your personality.  

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