6 Best Woody Perfumes for Him

When it comes to the best woody perfumes for him, it goes without saying that these scents add a touch of masculinity, warmth, and depth as compared to other fragrance types.

Inspired by mother nature, the woody scents have something outrightly authentic about them and exude plenty of character. Their natural notes and tinge of spices make them unique, crisp, bold, and rich. Woody perfumes have a range of moods associated with them. While some fragrances can be tangy and exotic, others can be spicy and a bit sweet.

Have you been wondering what woody perfumes smell like? These perfumes are generally warm and deluxe, pertaining to their woody notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, cedar wood, and pines. To tone down their warmth a little, fresh and floral notes are mixed with them so that they are not overpowering and are suitable for a range of events.

However, given that these perfumes usually smell strong, they are more appropriate for the fall and winter months.

Exclusive Picks from Rawaha

At Rawaha, we have an extensive range of woody perfumes for men that make a bold statement with their matchless allure.

  1. Exotic Spices

    Draw people to your charm and originality with our Exotic Spices perfume. It is the ultimate fragrance for a gentleman who is sophisticated, vigorous, and refined. The fragrance opens with a citrus note that delicately blends into a spicy note with hints of clove, pepper, and patchouli.

    To neutralize its intensity, a dash of sweetness is added with the floral notes of the iris flower. It is musky, warm-spicy, and a truly elegant scent to complement both formal and casual occasions, alike.

    spice wood by creed perfume
  2. Brewed Spice

    Give your olfactory senses a spicy treat and your personality an extra masculine edge with Brewed spice from Rawaha’s private collection.

    With the opening notes of cardamom and saffron mixed with aromatic hints of ginger and clove, this one is the perfect balance between traditions and modernity. The middle notes comprise mainly floral elements and an electrifying coffee note, making it a one-of-a-kind fragrance. As a warm-spicy, woody, and earthy scent, Brewed Spice is going to be your perfect pick for winter.

    boadicea kahwa perfume
  3. Woody Desire

    If there’s one powerful scent that will make your presence noticed like no other, it has to be the Woody Desire from our signature collection. Featuring base notes of amber, oud, and dry woods, this perfume has very high sillage that makes it exceptionally long-lasting. Furthermore, its masculine appeal exhibits a classy, rich, and grandiose vibe, making it a must-have fragrance to grace formal events.

    intense oud perfume
  4. Campfire Extreme

    Planning to get an enchanting sandalwood perfume for him? You cannot go wrong with Campire Extreme. It has an opulent opening with floral notes that give it a fruity and sweet scent that merges into the woody and spicy base notes of sandalwood and oud. Campfire Extreme lasts for a reasonably long duration of time due to its great sillage and is suitable for all seasons and occasions.

    Abdul Samad Al Qurashi Safari Extreme perfume
  5. The Last Breath

    The Last Breath is one of the best woody perfumes for men from our signature series. It is rightly addressed as the self-assured man who knows how to turn heads. It is fused with enthralling notes of rose, bergamot, woods, vanilla, patchouli, and musk that make it warm, fruity, musky, and leathery. It is easily a versatile fragrance for any man for both casual and formal gatherings.

    dunhill desire red perfume
  6. Oud Azure

    Our Oud Azure is a fresh woody cologne, comprising pink pepper, bergamot, and ambrette as top notes and vanilla, agarwood, and birch as base notes that give it a captivating woody leather fragrance. It is elegantly fresh, intense, and a sheer delight for your senses. It is ideal to be worn on special formal occasions to make a vivid expression.

    oud saphir by atelier cologne perfume

In summary, woody perfumes are powerful fragrances that have a masculine, elegant, and deep character, making them a popular choice among men who like to assert themselves. Explore Rawaha’s iconic range of woody perfumes here:

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